George Palmer
George PalmerX72 Operating Corp.

Meet our Operator

George has been an oil and gas Operator in 17 USA States, Guatemala and Pakistan since 1980, his non-op partners have included Marathon, Shell, Unocal, Union TX Petroleum, Sun as well as Big Independents such as Whiting Petroleum and the predecessor to TransAtlantic Petroleum and hundreds of Independent entities. He began his career in the Drilling mud and Chemical business, building two companies and selling both, one to a division of WR Grace. With 39 years of Operating experience George is known for his due diligence and ability to put all the pieces of a project together.
More importantly he comes with the highest credentials as for several years he has worked for both the SEC and FBI as an investigator and research analyst regarding oil lease viability, procedural aspects, contractual disputes, and criminal investigations.


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