About the Company


About the
Partners & Friends Holding Corp. is a Wyoming Company with operating offices in Florida (Miami) and Texas (Dallas).
Incorporated in 2018, the Management is American/Italian.

Energy Sector- Focusing on Oil and Gas

Regional Project
Texas Panhandle

Experienced Management
Over 100 years of specific oil and gas expertise

Simple Business Model
Acquire and develop assets through science and technology. Information is the key to create value.


Company Philosophy

Capturing the next frontier of value: Operating Models for oil and gas fields of the future.
Value over Volume!

  • We acquire fields and develop them applying science and technology.
  • We strongly believe that Reserves create value. The price of oil plays a strong role, but Reserves is what we are seeking to increase the value of our Assets.

Energy in Alliance

It's not just our slogan... it's the way we build the success!

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301 Yamato Rd - Suite 1240
Boca Raton FL 33431
Tel: +1 954-858-5714

e-Mail: info@pfhcorp.com

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